Demystifying Construction Loans: Your Guide from a Seasoned Mortgage Broker

General Stephen Wheeler 9 Dec

Hey future homeowners and real estate enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into the world of construction loans. As your seasoned mortgage broker, I’m here to break down what a construction loan is and why it might be the key to unlocking your dream home. Understanding Construction Loans: Building your dream home is an exciting prospect, but […]

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10 Secrets Your Banker Doesn’t Want You to Know

General Stephen Wheeler 4 Jul

Introduction: Banks play a significant role in our financial lives, but there are some secrets they may prefer to keep hidden. In this blog post, we uncover 10 secrets that your banker doesn’t want you to know. Understanding these secrets will empower you to make better financial decisions and get the most out of your […]

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Love Your Home but Need Upgrades? Explore Alternatives, Including Refinancing!

General Stephen Wheeler 24 Jun

Introduction: If you’re passionate about your home but desire upgrades, you have various alternatives to consider beyond refinancing your mortgage. These options can help you transform your cherished space without going through the refinancing process. In this blog post, we’ll explore different avenues to fund your home upgrades, including refinancing as one of the viable […]

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Understanding Mortgage Rates: A Beginner’s Guide to Home Financing

General Stephen Wheeler 23 Jun

Understanding Mortgage Rates: A Beginner’s Guide to Home Financing Introduction: Buying a home is an exciting milestone, but it’s important to understand how mortgage rates work. Mortgage rates determine the amount of interest you’ll pay on your home loan, which affects your monthly payments and the total cost of your mortgage. In this beginner’s guide, […]

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Steps to Home Ownership

General Stephen Wheeler 22 Jun

Steps to Home Ownership 1. Assess your finances: Before buying a home, review your financial situation. Look at your income, expenses, and credit score to understand what you can afford and qualify for in a mortgage. 2. Set a budget: Create a realistic budget based on your financial situation. Consider not just mortgage payments but […]

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Understanding Reverse Mortgages: A Guide for Homeowners

General Stephen Wheeler 20 Jun

Introduction: As homeowners, we often wonder how we can access our home equity without selling our property. Reverse mortgages offer a solution for homeowners aged 55 or older. In this blog post, we’ll explain reverse mortgages in a simple and straightforward way. What is a Reverse Mortgage? A reverse mortgage allows homeowners to convert some […]

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Tips to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

General Stephen Wheeler 19 Jun

To pay off your mortgage faster, consider the following tips: Firstly, make bi-weekly payments instead of monthly. This approach allows you to make 26 half-payments a year, equivalent to 13 full payments, reducing your mortgage term. Secondly, increase your monthly payment amount whenever possible. Even a small additional amount applied to the principal can have […]

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Other than a Bank, Where Can I get Mortgage Financing?

General Stephen Wheeler 16 Jun

When it comes to obtaining mortgage financing, there are alternative sources available. In addition to traditional banks, you can consider the following options: Firstly, mortgage brokers act as intermediaries between borrowers and multiple lenders. They have access to a wide range of lenders, including banks, credit unions, and private lenders. This allows them to compare […]

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